Tile Roof House by K58atelier

A giant, terracotta tile roof distinguishes this home in the suburbs of Ho Chi Minh City , which K59atelier has modelled on traditional Vietnamese houses .

Occupied by three generations of the same family, Tile Roof House is designed by K59atelier to “recreate the original image” of the Vietnamese suburbs that were once dominated by tile roofs.

It offers a contemporary twist on these traditional dwellings, and borrows elements from them to help the house withstand the monsoon season and summer sun.

Tile Roof House by K58atelier

“The house is covered by a large roof surface. Roof material is made from terracotta, a material associated with the memory of many family generations,” explained the studio.

“It has become a representative of the image of ancient’s city in Vietnam.”

Tile Roof House by K58atelier

Like a traditional Vietnamese house, Tile Roof House has a tall, open structure that is designed to create cool, airy interiors.

The roof is elevated slightly on the east side, and punctured by two balconies that facilitate cross ventilation and keep the house cool.

Tile Roof House by K58atelier

Meanwhile, its sharp gradient means that rain cascades down during monsoon season. It is then collected in a water tank that is hidden towards the edge of the roof, and can be used to water the garden later in the summer.

Any overflowing water is encouraged to fall over its edge to form a natural “rain screen” for children to enjoy at entrance of the home.

Tile Roof House by K58atelier

Inside, Tile Roof House is divided into two volumes positioned in relation to the sun path, which K59atelier describe as the open “action area” and an enclosed “stillness area”.

The “action area” is positioned on the west side, and contains open, shared living spaces. This means the private living occupy the east side in the “stillness area” to prevent overheating in the afternoon sun.

Tile Roof House by K58atelier

On the ground floor, Tile Roof House is dominated by a large, triple-height foyer that leads into an open-plan kitchen and living room.

The east side has two bedrooms, a bathroom, an office and a space for worship.

Tile Roof House by K58atelier

Above, the east side of the house contains a further two bedrooms. One opens out to one of the balconies accessed through shutter-like doors that can be opened to maximise airflow.

The top floor of the house is also complete with balcony, which leads out to the second balcony.

Tile Roof House by K58atelier

The interior finishes are muted, retaining focus on the tile roof that towers above and is left exposed inside.

K59atelier has teamed white walls with an open-tread staircase, polished concrete floors and wooden furniture that echo the shutter doors.

Tile Roof House by K58atelier

All furniture is loose, and designed to be changed according to the preferences of its occupants.

“We believe that furniture is things attached to human preferences,” concluded K59atelier.

“They change according to people’s habits and needs. Architects create the space that can contain those items.”

Tile Roof House by K58atelier

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